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Invite interested parties and investors to attend a seminar with real estate investment opportunities in the United States.

On Saturday, September 24- 25, 2022  from 11:00 to  18:00 am 

At Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, next to bts Asoke, ballroom, Sukhumvit

Seminar at 13.00  You will be given a lecture on

USA Real Estate Investment Opportunity with ROI

Procedures and Laws for Buying Property in the United States

Property Growth Trends and Past Returns on US Property Purchases

The event will also present the Lake Side Conroe project located in Montgomery, a quiet town on the edge of a large lake.  Lake Conroe Approximately 80 km from Houston, TX 

and the Padera Oaks Project is located in Rocharon, about 50 kilometers west of Houston, Texas, and about 30 minutes from the beaches of Texas.

Both projects are single house projects, starting price 360,000 USD with land area of approximately 80 square wa and usable area of 200 square meters.

It is one of the quality works from the Wanbrige Group, a newly created project and organized for investors to play lease. and has more than 30 projects in the state of Texas

Investors will receive a guaranteed return of 5% per year for a total period of 3 years. 
In addition, the project also guarantees a buy-back after a 3-year period of 100% of the selling price.

Or you can let the project manage to resell or resell in the market to make a profit. 
Besides that, buyers can get loans from US banks at low interest rates.

It is a good opportunity for investors. that can receive returns with low risk And there is an opportunity to profit in the future from the continued price increase in the US.

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Starting price 340,000 USD

Lake Conroe , Montgomery Texas 

View project information

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Houston, Texas 

View project information

Starting price 330,000 USD

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