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The Grand Jomtien Beach Pattaya project is outstanding in its location, located on Jomtien 2nd Road, only 200 meters from Jomtien Beach. Good feng shui location in front of the sea. And behind is a mountain. The nature of the land is located on a high hill. Make every room have a view of the sea without tall buildings blocking it. Designed as a pair of 30-story buildings with only 725 units per building.


Separate the parking building and amenities into another building, increasing privacy for residents. Complete with amenities Including a free-form swimming pool and children's pool, fitness center and landscape garden designed by the designer of Nong Nooch Garden. In addition, in the zone in front of the project there is a 4-story community mall, making living in the project even more convenient.

Living in a Modern Life Style The Grand Jomtien Beach Pattaya is designed as a Twin Tower. Twin buildings, 30 floors high, are condominiums that every unit can experience. With sea views in the form of Panoramic as well. The building is designed It's a greenhouse. Make the view of the sea view Jomtien Beach The most beautiful Pattaya

✔ The best location in Jomtien, in the heart of Pattaya, near beach, only 200 meters

✔ Near the seaside development project to be a seaside tourist attraction

✔ Near restuarant and shopping mall new location in the east

✔ 8 minutes from the high speed train station

Project area: 7 rai

Project type: 30-story condominium, 2 buildings, 725 units each, total 1,450 units, with a 5-story parking building and a 4-story community mall in front of the project.


Construction status: Completed and ready to move in.

Elevators: 3 passenger elevators per building, 1 freight elevator per building.

Parking: Only in the parking building, and does not include parking space behind the building.

Facilities: swimming pool with children's pool, fitness center, seating area, and garden. Security system: Key Card Access system for entry and exit, CCTV cameras and 24-hour security guards.

The room is designed to receive natural light and a full sea view with floor-to-ceiling glass panels. There is a wide balcony that allows for more views.

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Unit Plan 


Floor Plan 


Property in Pattaya is ideal for long-term investment. Because it is a tourist attraction location that is not far from Bangkok. It is popular with both Thais and foreigners. and received positive factors from government investment in the transportation system From connecting Pattaya to Hua Hin by boat Connect travel from Bangkok High-speed rail and expressway projects As a result, demand for tourism and real estate continues to grow. As a result, tourism demand and demand for second homes has increased.

More convenient by entering the rental management program that is taken care of by the project's professional team, facilitating both finding tenants. and room maintenance The owner of the room will have income every month.

Economic Gateway to Asia

strategic location

with a location in the heart of Asia where more than half of the world's population lives.
Thailand is therefore a strategic point that connects important economic countries of the region.
with the steadily increasing population and growth that surpasses other continents
Asia is therefore a continent with the prosperous economic growth of the era.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand provides for a "20-year national strategy".
It is a strategy for long-term development of the country. with purpose
to raise the quality of the country in all sectors and develop Thailand
towards becoming a high-income country in developed countries

The Thailand 4.0 policy will enhance competitiveness.
of the manufacturing and service sectors Based on modern technology and innovation
by focusing on developments in 12 targeted industries

Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) Project
It is an area development project with the main objectives.
to further the development of the eastern seaboard area
which has been known for more than 30 years, also known as Eastern Seaboard

The EEC project focuses on the development of 3 provinces.
in the eastern region, namely Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao
EEC development plan Recognizing the importance of the development of the area both physically and socially in order to raise the level the country's competitiveness

Screen Shot 2565-09-30 at 07.41.53.png
Screen Shot 2566-12-08 at 20.44.44.png
Screen Shot 2566-12-08 at 20.44.57.png
Jomtien Beach is located about 4 kilometers south of Pattaya city. The beach is 6 kilometers long, with a shady road running along the beach. If compared to Pattaya Beach Jomtien Beach has less nightlife. Therefore suitable for those who like a quiet atmosphere. But not too lonely. Because Jomtien Beach is located in an area with restaurants. convenience store and complete services

Jomtien Beach offers beach chairs, umbrellas and hawker food for tourists to enjoy lunch. Ready to sit and relax by the sea. For those who love water activities The beach offers a variety of rides including banana boats, jet skis, windsurfing, sailing and parasailing.

In addition, the Jomtien Beach area is also home to Pattaya Park. An amusement park with a large swimming pool, whirlpool, and large slides. With various rides such as a roller coaster, Viking, carousel and Thailand's first Tower shot tower. Jomtien Beach is a paradise for lovers of a quiet atmosphere. At the same time, it is filled with a variety of seaside activities for those who love fun.
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