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new project launch

Quality condominium in Very Condo group

400 meters from BTS Bearing 

ready to move in end of 2023 

Fully furnished Condos starting at only 2.39 million 

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VIVERE Concept Design

Special Design Building. The reception area was therefore raised to the second floor to open up a wider perspective. Both swimming pool and gym facilities are placed on the rooftop of the building to provide residents with panoramic views. and increase the green area above the building Help create a cool atmosphere in the rooms on the ground floor. It also separates the privacy between the common area and the residential floor.

Modernity was used in the design of the project to match the classic elements. Rhythm (order), system and details of the façade in the classical architectural style. Help emphasize the luxury of the building. combined with the modernity of other elements make the building contemporary (contemporary) VIVERE has a timeless beauty. The use of patterned stone veneer at the base of the building also creates a different perspective on the refined upper part of the building. Earth tones are based on beige, contrasted with dark brown. Make the building look warm, lively, not hardened. and distinctively different from the surrounding buildings

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Good life requires space

Because privacy is what everyone desires. Home is the place to give you the most privacy. But home is the place where everyone in the family can build the best relationship. A good home must have both a private space that meets individual needs and a space for living together. Respond to relaxation, work, recreation or work-life balance dining.

Because home is where you put your life into it. Every element must be able to answer every need without asking questions. Combining all forms of life So that this is truly a place with space where everyone can share space to have fun together and also have personal space for personal life.

At VIVERE we care about both the privacy and the co-living of family members. Therefore, we intend to design the project to meet both needs in a harmonious and balanced manner. to make every day the beauty of life

Open…to real life at VIVERE

A Chance to Live your Life


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