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Sapphire Luxurious Condo, a luxurious river view condo located in the prime Rama 3 spot in Bangkok with stunning 270 degree views of the Chao Phraya River. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom rooms have a ceiling height of 2.7 m and the duplex rooms have a ceiling height of 5.9 m.

Sapphire Luxurious Condominium Rama 3 Iconic Riverfront Condominium

It is a 44-storey high rise condo on Rama 3 Road with beautiful views of the Chao Phraya River.

The distinguishing feature is the blue peak of the building. Which is definitely eye-catching and exciting. This brand new building project is located near Bhumibol Bridge. (Industrial Ring Road) with various types of facilities

There are 3 types of room categorization:

1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms

There is also a duplex type, ceiling height 5.9 m., 1 bedroom, starting size 33.8 sq m.

“Rama 3”, a location connected from the center of Silom-Sathorn business district. With the Thonburi area separated by the Chao Phraya River, the Sapphire Luxurious Condominium Rama 3 project is located near the Bhumibol Bridge. (Industrial Ring Road), which in addition to the view of the Chao Phraya River also get the most beautiful view of the bridge in Thailand

big scenery Bang Krachao green area which no tall buildings will obscure the future scenery It is also a business district with many head offices  in this area including department stores, markets, community malls.

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real photos from the floor 41 
real photos from the floor 18 
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1st floor:Lobby + garden

2nd-6th floor: 9 residential units + 50% Auto Parking Area

7th floor:Golf Simulator + Putting Green + Green Area

7th-39th floor:Standard Floor Plan

22nd-23th floor: Simplex 15 units + 3 units of Water Pump Room to provide sufficient water pressure throughout the building

40th-40M floor: Duplex rooms with a ceiling height of 5.9 m

41st-41M floor: Main Facilities + Duplex rooms with a ceiling height of 5.9 m

42nd, 42M, 43rd, 43M floor: Duplex rooms with a ceiling height of 5.9 m

44th-44M floor: Penthouses 

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swimming pool Protruding from the Plus building below is blue according to the concept of the project. which widens the field of view Including the look of the Infinity Edge Pool that makes you feel limitless.

Room type 

Floor Plans

Construction update 

The “Rama 3” connects the bustling city central business area of Silom district and the Sathorn district. Accessing the opposite side of the Chao Phraya River Thonburi district from the Bangkok Sapphire is equally convenient, simply go on the Bhumibol Bridge (Industrial Ring Road). In addition to overlooking the view of the Chao Phraya River, the Bang Krachao Jungle Oasis “Bangkok's Green Lung” is another majestic scenery you can feast your eye on, with no tall buildings obstructing the view.

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Next to Monorail, gray line station in the future

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