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Terms and conditions for paying the annual KW Agent Fee in monthly installments via credit card. 

1) The payment is made in installments and will be deducted monthly from the credit card on the date specified in the first installment. And in the next month it will be deducted from the original date of the following month for a total of 12 months, amount 990 baht per month.

2) Calculation of KW Agent fee is calculated annually. Therefore, if you choose Monthly credit card payments You cannot stop paying before 1 year has elapsed. 

3) In the case where the system cannot deduct the credit card account because the credit card limit is insufficient or the card cannot be used. The company will charge an additional fee of 100 baht.

4) Credit card use for monthly payment , must be the same name is kw agent or associate only

Please choose your payment package

  • KW Agent Annual Fee

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
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