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Marble Surface

ESSEN Kanchanaphisek-Rama 5

พร้อมเข้าอยู่ ติดถนนใหญ่ ราคา เริ่ม 12.9 - 24 ล้าน 

บ้านเดี่ยวสไตล์ Modern Topical ทำเลดีที่สุด ติดถนนกาญจนาภิเษก - พระราม 5


ขอบคุณที่ท่านให้ความสนใจ เจ้าหน้าที่จะติดต่อกลับค่ะ

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Essen Kanchanaphisek-Rama 5
Interior Decor

Essen Kanchanaphisek - Rama 5 designed the project from the Essential Experience concept, creating a house that stands out from the experience that Nusasiri has accumulated over many years. Modern box-shaped house design, minimalist, elegant, close to nature. Complete with amenities In a location that is easily connected to the city.


The project is located next to a parallel road. Kanchanaphisek Rd., Bang Khu Wiang Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province, connected to many important roads, including Nakhon In - Kanchanaphisek Rd., Rattanathibet Rd., Ratchaphruek Rd., and Borommarat Rd. Chonnani, including the Si Rat Expressway - Outer Ring Road (Prajim Ratthaya), convenient for traveling into Bangkok.

There are also complete facilities close to the project such as Lotus Bang Yai, Central Plaza Westgate, The Walk Ratchaphruek, The Crystal Ratchaphruek and soon there will be Central West. Ville has also opened near Rama 5 Circle.  

In terms of health care, there is Kasemrad International Hospital and Thonburi 2 Hospital not far from the project. While for education, Debsirin Nonthaburi School and Denla Rama 5 School are close to the project. Convenient for traveling back and forth for the children in the family.

Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 21.58.13.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 21.58.22.png
Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.29.24.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 22.02.27.png
Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.19.56.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 22.02.38.png
Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.30.33.png

Single house Sense

2-storey detached house, usable area 200 sq m., on land ranging from 62 - 104 sq m., functions: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 - 4 parking spaces.

Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.30.42.png

Single house scenery

2-storey detached house, usable area 250 sq m., on land ranging from 94 - 129 sq m., functions: 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 - 6 parking spaces.

Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.18.48.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 22.02.15.png
Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.37.00.png
Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.37.08.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 21.58.31.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 21.58.39.png
Screen Shot 2567-02-06 at 21.38.59.png

สถานที่ใกล้เคียง เอสเซน กาญจนาภิเษก-พระราม 5

ฉิมพลี (2.7 กม.)

ซีเจซูเปอร์มาร์เก็ต (0.7 กม.)

7-Eleven (0.7 กม.)

โลตัสโกเฟรช อัจฉริยะพัฒนา 2 (0.8 กม.)

รร.เทพศิรินทร์ นนทบุรี (1.1 กม.)

รร.ชาญรัตน์วิทยา (1.1 กม.)

รร.นานาชาติดราก้อน (1.7 กม.)

รพ.บางใหญ่ (2.6 กม.)

เทสโก้โลตัส บางใหญ่ (0.2 กม.)

Screen Shot 2567-01-23 at 21.29.37.png
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